1. What are the goals of the Call?

Luiss & LVenture Group are looking for Teams with Ideas and Startups that can develop innovative technological solutions for Higher Education, in line with Luiss' new education model.


2. In which language should the applications be finalized?

The application should be finalized in English.


3. How to decide whether to apply as a Team or as a Startup?

Apply as a “Team with Idea” if you’re a group of people (minimum 2) whose business idea is still in definition and doesn’t have any market validation. It’s not required to have developed an MVP yet to apply as a “Team with Idea”.


Examples of “Team with Idea”:

  • You have in mind a solution for an issue/opportunity in the Education market, but you never told anyone.

  • You have the business concept and you’ve pitched it to several people, but you haven’t yet developed the technology and/or the product/service, nor generated revenues.


Apply as a “Startup” if you’re a group of people (minimum 2) that already has a pitch presentation and market validation for its digital solution.


Examples of “Startup”

  • You have a technology within one of these specific segments: Adaptive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Smart objects and IoT applications. The technology is not strictly related to the Education industry, but you are potentially ready to implement a market extension to test it into the industry.

  • You have already started a business in one of the identified Education Technology segments and, ideally, you generate revenues. 


4. Can you apply with the same project both as a Team with Idea and as a Startup?

It is required to make a consistent self-assessment of your solution and proceed with only one application.


5. How many Teams with Ideas and Startups will be selected? 

Luiss and LVG can select up to 10 Startups (maximum) and up to 10 Teams with Ideas (maximum).


6. Is there a minimum number of members my Team must consist of?

The Team must be composed of at least two members.


7. What happens if you are a “Team with Idea” and you are selected?

The partners will provide a € 5,000 grant for the selected Teams, which might be able to validate their solutions by exploiting the opportunities coming from the Luiss network of students and teachers. Lastly, Teams will have an Assessment and Advisory meeting with the Evaluation Team (Luiss & LVG) and Training on entrepreneurial skills from Luiss or Luiss Business School


8. What happens if you are a “Startup” and you are selected?

Luiss and LVenture Group can invest up to € 160,000 in the selected Startups, as follows:

  • up to € 60,000 in services

  • up to € 100,000 in cash, distributed in different tranches (terms defined in the individual investment contract)

MVP validation on Luiss network of students and teachers

Access to Luiss and LVenture Group network of corporates and investors


9. If you are selected as a Team or a Startup, will you certainly be entitled to all the benefits?

No, it is up to the partners to decide whether and how much to invest in the selected Teams and Startups and whether to allow Startups to access the Acceleration Program.



10. Will the promoters of the call communicate detailed feedback on the outcome of the applications?

No, the promoters of the call will just communicate if you have been selected or not.


11. What does € 60,000 of services include?

Acceleration at LUISS EnLabs consists of a 5-month program in which partners offer their support through activities and services. They include:

  • 5 months in The Hub of LVenture Group in Rome (max 4 people);

  • Tech perks up to approximately € 2 million in Cloud facilities, payment system facilities, CRM, etc.;

  • Support from the LVenture Group Acceleration team (project management, product development, legal & accounting, sales & fundraising, PR & communication, talent management and acquisition);

  • Weekly one-to-one with UX/UI and Digital Marketing professionals;

  • Mentorship from qualified advisors;

  • Support team dedicated to fundraising


12. When will the Acceleration program start for the selected Startups, and how will it be carried out?

The selected Startups will be included in the LUISS EnLabs summer batch, scheduled in late May / early June.


13. You applied for the program, what are the next steps?

The selection process will begin in the second half of January; Luiss and LVenture Group will contact a pre-selection of Teams with Ideas and Startups by the end of the month for additional information.